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We want you to achieve energy savings and improve energy efficiency

We provide home owners with a  FREE simple self-assessment of their home energy usage to highlight personalized savings opportunities, and highlight clean energy upgrades you can easily do to your home.


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Increase Energy Awareness

Home energy improvements can occur when owners understand their own unhealthy energy consumption and gain awareness of their home’s energy usage. 

Free & Easy Self Assessment

We help by providing an easy to understand  assessment to home owners identifying the energy impact of their home.

Get Rebates and Save Money

We connect home owners to their local utility or government agency to learn more about rebates available for energy efficiency improvements.

We have a passion for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, one house at a time

Positive Outcomes

How We Help

Your personalized report can recommend upgrades to help eliminate drafts, reduce noise and provide consistent temperatures and cleaner air

We show you where to make improvements and which ones are most important to improve your home’s energy performance.

We help you reduce your energy consumption and your utility bills, and add value to your home

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